Medical Alert Personal Alarms

Cellular Medi Alert Personal Emergency Response Alarm Systems

medical alert personal alarm base station


Get peace of mind for all the family with a monitored Medi Alarm from Rechenberg Security.

In the event of an emergency the Medi Alarm unit will contact our 24 hour Control Room.

The patient has a small emergency fob that can be worn on the wrist with a wrist band (just like a watch) or alternatively on a chain around the neck.

All the patient has to do is PRESS THE EMERGENCY BUTTON and our Control Room Operators will action whatever procedure has been put in place.

The Medi Alarm is a small unit that can be placed in a central position in the residence connected to the mains power. The system also has a battery back-up ensuring the service is still working in the event of a mains power failure.

No phone line connection is required as the Medi Alarm communicates to the Control via the 3G Network.*

Its that easy! – all the patient has to do is press the emergency button if required!

RECHENBERG MEDI ALARM – Giving peace of mind to the patient and the people who care.

Unit Specs

Easy to understand and operate: activated by simply pressing a button on the radio pendant or on the unit itself. The radio pendant can be worn on a key ring, around the neck or on the wrist using a wristwatch strap and is waterproof.

Simple to install: the unit is fully self- contained and can be self installed in minutes, simply plug the unit into a power point in a location that has good 3g signal and test it back to the control room or Rechenberg can install the unit at an additional cost.

NBN ready: the unit communicates to the control room using the 3g network so there is no need to upgrade for the NBN rollout.

Caters for multiple users: the unit can have multiple radio pendants programmed when more than one user is required.

24 hour peace of mind: wireless protection and reliability, therefore peace of mind. When the emergency button is pressed a control room operator will phone you to make sure everything is ok, if they cannot contact you or you advise there is a problem they will contact friends, family or emergency services to assist you.

Two way communication: the unit automatically answers an incoming call hands free after an alarm has been sent. This special feature is designed to provide immediate voice communication to the control room operator, automatically providing you with the confidence that help is near and on its way.

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