Electronic Security

Electronic Security & Alarms

Rechenberg use and recommend only the best quality security system products available.  We supply, install, maintain and monitor medical alarms and electronic security systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications, with optional features including access management, duress and “man down” systems.  We can even seamlessly integrate higher levels of protection management including GSM mobile-phone back-up systems and GPRS polling.

The use of the highest quality products reflects our commitment to keeping our customers for life.

Alarm Systems

Whether you need to secure a major commercial complex or security alarm systemprovide peace of mind for an aged or infirm loved one, Rechenberg can help. We can provide wired or wireless alarm systems customised to your specific requirements, we also have options for most existing security systems to make them NBN compatible.

Control Panel

This is the heart and soul of your security system.


You can have multiple keypads located in your premises for convenience.

Remote Fobs

These can be configured to arm and disarm you security, open roller doors and as a panic button.

Intruder Detection

There are many types and styles of detection devices, the type of device used will depend on your requirements, some of the most common types of detection devices used are;

PIR (Passive Infrared Detectors)

These are the most popular type of intruder detection device as they can be relatively inexpensive and can cover entire rooms.

Magnetic Reed Switches

Reed switches are a small switch that are typically used on doors and windows and are particularly useful when used on external doors.

Temperature Sensors

The name probably explains this one, these are used on temperature critical situations such as pharmacy medicine fridges, frozen or cold stores and server rooms

Smoke Detectors

Electronic security to protect your property against theft is one thing but a fire could be devastating on property and life, smoke detectors can easily be added to a security system to provide that extra peace of mind.

Duress/ Panic Alarms

Most keypads have a duress function built in, we can also provide wireless or wired duress buttons.

Medical Alert Alarms – Bracelet / NeckSmartlink Medical Security Device

We can provide peace of mind for the aged and infirm. When you have medical alarm, a simple press of a button on a remote fob worn on the wrist or around the neck on a lanyard will inform the control room of a potential incident.  The trained control room staff will follow the predetermined instructions to get help onsite as soon as possible.

CCTV Installation & Monitoring

Protect your property by deterring would be criminals, reduce vandalism andClose circuit TV security increasing the safety for your personnel are just some of the benefits of CCTV. We have IT professionals on staff that can maintain high end CCTV systems and servers or simply give you access to remotely view your site via a PC or smart device.  With technicians that have 15 plus years’ experience we can make sure you have a system using the latest IP high resolution cameras and digital recorders.

We also have options to provide video alarm verification and remote guard tours using CCTV installed on your site.

Access Control

Be wired or wireless, electronic access control is the ultimate way to provide security and reportable access for your premises. Using Inner Range for integrated access control where each door is hard wired back to a central point to Loktouch, where the existing mechanical locks are retrofitted making it an economical electronic access control system using electronic lock cylinders and programmable keys.