Alarm Monitoring

Professional Alarm Monitoring 24/7 Australia Wide

Rechenberg 24 hr Alarm Monitoring

You cannot monitor your home or business 24/7, but we can from our own 24 hour control room.

Rechenberg is always there for you, with fast alarm response and professional security solutions tailored just for you. We can have someone respond to any emergency from break and enter, medical alarms, temperature sensors, fire alarms, mains power, battery fails and video verification.

In the event of an alarm activation, Rechenberg Control Room will follow your predertermined instructions which can be from contacting nominated keyholders to patrols or emergency services.

With NBN arriving shortly, Rechenberg have NBN ready security solutions utilising cellular technology to monitor most existing security systems.

If you are already being monitoring by Rechenberg and wish to change your signatories, please visit our Forms page and download the form required.

Our Own 24 Hr Control Room

The Rechenberg Control Room monitors alarm systems Australia wide 24 hrs a day. When an alarm event is received a trained operator will follow your predetermined instructions for the event ensuring that the appropriate action is taken. Some of the events we monitor include

  • Intruder alarms
  • Medical alarms
  • Fire alarms
  • Panic alarms
  • Temperature alarms
  • Mains power
  • Battery failure
  • Video verification

PSTN Reporting – Public Switched Telephone Network

This is the most common way to transmit alarm signals to the control room. PSTN hardware offers an economical installation however as it communicates via the telephone line each time the security system reports to the control room there are phone call cost incurred. PSTN is the lowest security level of monitored alarm system as it is susceptible to having the telephone lines cut therefore rendering the security system unable to report to the control room.

3G/GPRS Reporting

3G uses a SIM card just like your mobile phone however it operates on a security industry specific network. 3G offers a fixed communications cost as all communication between the security control panel and the control room is made using General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) data.  A typical retail store trading 6 days per week could save $190.00 a year in communications costs and also have a higher level of security.

Permaconn Alarm Monitoring Range

Video Verification to Our 24 hr Control Room

Video verification streams directly to the Rechenberg Control Room allowing an operator to visually verify if an intruder is onsite, this information is vital when contacting police as it greatly increases the chances of apprehending criminals.

NBN Ready Security Solutions

Certain considerations need to be taken when you connect NBN to your home or business. Some security systems are not compatible with NBN while others can be monitored using the Voice Port on the Network Termination Device (NTD or NBN Connection Box) fitted to your premises.  While this will be the cheapest option in the short time there are much better long term solutions available that not only cap your communication costs but provide a much higher level of security.