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Rechenberg a Platinum Dealer for Hikvision CCTV

Hikvision Camera

As a Platinum dealer with Hikvision, Rechenberg has been invited by Hikvision to tour their facilities and meet with the Executive team in China. Hikvision is the worlds largest a CCTV manufacturers employing 13,000 staff including a research and development team of 4000.

During the week Michael Rechenberg will tour the Hikvision showroom, laboratories, manufacturing facilities, meet with the Hikvision Executive Management team and see the latest in product development.

Businesses Are Being Urged To Review Security

Businesses are being urged to review their security measures after an increase in break and enters targeting industrial areas across the city.  With advances in technology for security systems, a Bundaberg security company says there are innovative and improved ways to protect your business and home.

“Police are urging all businesses to review their current security measures and where possible install CCTV cameras. Police have identified CCTV footage as a great deterrent which also aids in an investigation process and lighting is another important measure.”

Rechenberg Security and Locksmiths owner Michael Rechenberg said businesses could increase their level of security by moving to a 3G data system which used the network to communicate with a control room as opposed to a phone line system, which can potentially be cut, imPermaconn Rangemobilising the system.

“Certainly going to the 3G increases the level of security,” he said. “It’s a 3G modem and its purpose built for the security industry and it’s next to your alarm panel and replaces the phone line so all your signals can go out via 3G data.

“There is also technology were we can do video verification so if an alarm goes off, rather than just getting a signal through to the control room so we can actually see what’s going on. “So if it’s a confirmed break and enter we can escalate it to police.

“The video verification is becoming more popular because it can reduce false alarms. And the plus side is if we have a confirmed break and enter…we can contact police and get a good response because it’s confirmed,” Mr Rechenberg said.

Read the full report in the Bundaberg Newsmail here and call our friendly staff for more information on the 3G modem or video verification on 1300 852 138.

Police warn business break-ins are on the increase

Bundaberg Newsmail have reported a spike of break and enters in Bundaberg. Bundaberg Police have stated “Commercial premises around the Enterprise, Commercial and Johanna Boulevard that have been targeted in relation to a number of break and enters. They have been targeting property that’s easily obtainable from those premises, that’s why we’re encouraging businesses to review their security procedures. CCTV footage is one that we encourage all businesses to have.”

Read the full story below and contact us for all your security needs.

Bundaberg Newsmail – Police warn business break-ins are on the increase.