About us

About Us – Our History

Rechenberg Security & Locksmiths was originally established in 1971 by Gordon and Marion Rechenberg as a family business specialising in locksmith products and services and was trading under the name of Lock Sales & Service.

In the mid 1980’s Rechenberg entered into a joint venture in electronic security and started a company called Rely Security which supplied, installed and monitored electronic alarm systems, but due to Gordon’s ill health this successful business was sold.

In 1988 Michael Rechenberg joined Lock Sales & Service and started as an apprentice locksmith trained by his father Gordon Rechenberg.

In 1993, the company once again ventured into electronic security with the supply and installation of alarm systems.  Rechenberg also opened its  own  24-hour  security  monitoring  centre  in Bundaberg to monitor activations from the alarm systems they installed and employed security officers to  provide  24-hour  response  to  alarm  activations.

In 2001 Rechenberg opened an office in Brisbane and soon after was providing a full range of security products and services to customers from the Gold Coast to Cairns.

In 2003, sadly Gordon Rechenberg passed away, leaving behind a legacy of excellence in security and locksmithing and Marion Rechenberg semi-retired from the company years later.

In 2014 Michael Rechenberg became Managing Director of Rechenberg Security & Locksmiths and continues in maintaining the original goals of Gordon and Marion to provide the same high level of service and customer satisfaction.

In 2015 Jack Rechenberg joined the Rechenberg team as an apprentice locksmith, which will make him a third generation locksmith after his father Michael and grandfather Gordon.

Our Values


Making ourselves unnecessary by preventing the things that make us necessary.


Seeking the best possible solution to each person’s needs and concerns.


Effective communication and cooperation to achieve shared goals.

Pride & Tradition

We take pride in and protect a tradition of providing exceptional security.


To know that the person you are dealing with really truly has your best interest at heart.


To have a team that achieves outstanding results in every endeavour and to consistently maintain high standards.

Our Mission

Prevention through understanding and collaboration to find security solutions in which we take pride that you can trust will be exceptional.

Our  Goal

To provide  total  customer service and satisfaction, to offer the complete security package from locks to electronic security and to have a presence in every State and Territory in Australia via our monitoring control room. We aim to move with technology and research and develop the ever increasing services we can provide in the Security Industry.

Our People

Rechenberg Security prides itself on its highly skilled and exceptional team of licensed consultants, operators, locksmiths and technicians who will collaborate to understand your specific security requirements, who you can trust will confidently design, install and monitor the appropriate system to suit your needs.