Rechenberg Locksmiths, Security & Alarm Monitoring

At Rechenberg Security & Locksmiths we understand how important a sense of safety and security is, whether that is for your loved ones at home, your business or yourself. We take the safety of our customers as seriously as they do and we work with them to find the best possible solutions to their unique needs.

We treat our  business just like we treat our family, with respect and care, and that is because our business is our family.

Established in 1971, Rechenberg is a well-known and trusted second generation Bundaberg family company that started from humble beginnings travelling regional Queensland providing Locksmith services cutting keys and repairing locks to now providing security systems and alarm monitoring services for over 8000 customers Australia wide with a team of 30+ people in multiple offices including Bundaberg & Brisbane.

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Rechenberg provides exceptional security through prevention you can trust, backed-up by a comprehensive range of security systems, products and services, including: